Gyu’s little victory dance (feat Dongwoo, Sungyeol and Sungjong)

5/10 lovable things about Jang Dongwoo ㅡ the way he laughs

140328 KBS Music Bank arrival
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D20: Sunggyu's 25th birthday ♥

[INFO] Please do not trend anything for sunggyu birthday to respect the grieving families in Korea. (cr:7nspired)

Regarding Sunggyu birthday, Inspirits please don’t be to worried that Sunggyu will be sad that we didn’t wish him a happy birthday. As he would feel less burdened if Inspirits does not wish him a happy birthday.This is to respect the grieving families in Korea due to the Sewol Ferry Incident that had happened earlier this week.

Even though, some of you whom may not understand what’s the big deal over the incident. Let me inform you again that this is a big disaster that had happened; as many lives were lost and all of South Korea is mourning. So please, DO NOT TREND ANYTHING OF SUNGGYU BIRTHDAY ON TWITTER. Please spread this as not many Inspirits knows about it. Thank you.